If you have any news that you would like putting on our website, don't hesitate to contact the Church Office
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Welcome to our new website then at the end if you feel we could do something better on our website please let us know. We welcome feedback.

Church Road is a growing church with an exciting vision for the future. It involves rationalising our site, developing new projects of outreach and service to the community so that we help people experience the transforming love of God, change lives and communities as we follow Christ. No matter how much we try to use social media, we would say you can't beat a face to face conversation so don't hesitate to ask for an appointment with Stephen, our Minister, if you would rather have a chat.


Stephen, our Minister, is presently recovering from his hip replacement operation and is not expected to be back taking services until 9 April. In the meantime, all pastoral matters should be directed to our Superintendent Minister Revd Adrian Burdon 01253 734372, email
Please refer any other matters to the stewards who will know whom to contact in Stephen’s absence.


Please note that Room Bookings are being organised by Keith Hall at the moment (Tel.720266).

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Our Minister, Rev Stephen Heath
Read Stephen's Message Here


Many thanks for the help I received when I fell in the choir vestry on Sunday 5 March. Fortunately, I didn’t break any bones but it left me very shaken and feeling unwell. Thank you for the phone calls and the flowers. The church family is always there when needed. God bless you all.
Myrtle Peplow

Todays Service SUNDAY 19 March 2017


10.30 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP led by Revd Sylvester Deigh

Door Stewards: Team 3

Coffee Rota: Reta & Keith Hall

7.00 p.m. FRESH Expressions at Fairhaven Methodist Church
Led by Deacon Denise Creed

Refreshments from 6.30 p.m.

Wesley’s Café

Wesley’s Café had its Food Hygiene Inspection on Tuesday the7th March and was awarded a Five Star Rating. This is a tremendous achievement in a short space of time. Our thanks and congratulations to Paul Caddy, Tom Benstead and the team in the kitchen and to Mike Bennett who has been responsible for interpreting the requirements to our location and provided training and systems for the team to follow.