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The evening will start at 6.00 p.m with a fine three course dinner in our restaurant, Wesley’s, prepared by chef, Paul Caddy. Places will be limited to 50 people and tickets can be obtained from the Stewards at a cost of £10 for adults and £5 for children. The meal will be followed by a reflective service of Holy Communion in church, which will start at 8.00 p.m.

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Those who attended the General Church Meeting approximately a year ago will remember the aspiration to encourage people to cook well and eat healthily whatever their budget with the hope that we could assist those on Benefits or low incomes.
Since December 2016 all the discussions we have had with Chef Paul Caddy have come to fruition and a Community Café called “Wesleys” has come into being. We have progressed from Paul doing all the work to teams of volunteers doing the shopping and preparing the meals from fresh produce.
On Tuesdays from 11.30 a.m. and Thursday from 12.00 noon the high quality meals are served at low cost. Clients from the Foodbank eat for free with over 100 free meals served to date.
The speed of growth has surprised us all but clearly demonstrates the benefits this project offers – cooking skills developed for the volunteers, children enjoying fruit and vegetables and healthy options, others enjoying good meals at affordable prices and for some, best of all, the company around the table.
The project keeps developing and we have increased the equipment in the kitchen through the generosity of Paul Caddy and The Stirk House Hotel, a £200 donation from Lytham Rotary and £400 in personal donations.
So if you would like to know more, enjoy a good meal feel free to call in.
If you know anyone who would like to learn to cook please encourage them to speak with Paul Caddy on Tuesday or Thursday, Michael Bennett or myself.


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